Enterprise analytics

KPMG can help drive analytics strategy to fully realize the potential of corporate information assets.

Is your organization able to use data, captured both inside and outside of your enterprise, to enable fact based business decisions that enhance an organizations performance?

Many organizations face numerous challenges in harnessing the huge amounts of internal and external data available to drive true value within their businesses. An experienced business partner can help drive an analytics strategy to fully realize the potential of corporate information assets.

At KPMG, we believe that data may be utilized as a disruptive force for improving the competitive landscape of those organizations that choose to take advantage. Our Enterprise Analytics framework is designed to help our clients to realize the full value of their information for decision making.

We approach our client’s analytics challenges from every perspective; providing industry specific business expertise with cutting edge technical prowess while looking to deliver business value and minimize risk for our clients. Our proven Iterative Approach creates a focus on business intelligence value prioritization and quickly and continuously delivers value to the organization. And our collaborative style drives user adoption through Business Analysts taking ownership of the data and analytics capabilities, whether it is at the C-level, Functional level or Analyst level.

Our service offerings include:

  • Analytics strategy
  • Analytics maturity assessment and roadmap
  • Packaged/hybrid analytics deployment
  • Predictive analytics
  • Information discovery
  • Healthcare analytics accelerators

We also offer services and solutions across these functional areas:

Customer analytics

KPMG’s Customer Analytics group, formerly Link Analytics, helps clients develop capabilities to help drive sustainable and measurable organic growth by enhancing their customer insights, solving their classical analytical problems across the customer lifecycle, improving marketing and sales execution, and creating distinctive, multi-channel customer experiences that foster loyalty and lasting growth. Discover how KPMG’s customer strategy and growth services and solutions can help your organization optimize the customer experience to achieve your business goals. Learn more about customer analytics

Finance analytics

 KPMG helps organizations in evolving the role of finance from transaction processor and record keeper into a strategic business partner responsible for driving efficiency, growth, profitability, and value. We help create value by improving transparency and data integrity, and enable the business through data; implementing standardized, integrated, and automated processes; reducing costs; increasing profitability; and providing timely, accurate insights into business performance. Discover how on KPMG’s finance transformation services and solutions can help your organization operate as an intelligent finance organization. Learn more about finance analytics  

HR analytics

Human Resources executives face many hurdles when it comes to managing HR information. Disparate approaches to HR data can include multiple data sources, information silos, error-prone end-data, inefficiencies in reporting, and a lack of mobile support. KPMG’s HR solutions help to integrate data from various sources, enabling users to improve HR decision making. This helps drive new efficiencies, streamline HR data, provide integrated workforce insight, and ultimately drive business results. Learn more about HR analytics

IT analytics

KPMG helps clients to gain business value from information resources by implementing appropriate controls to improve the integrity and security of critical business data. We help organizations to benefit from the quality of underlying data, reduced risk form data leaks and regulatory non-compliance, lower costs related to error and litigation, and improved organizational efficiency. Learn more about IT analytics

Supply and demand chain

KPMG helps organizations replace inventory with information by enabling all supply chain participants to see a real-time view of the current demand and supply chain picture at any tier in the supply chain. Our Demand Driven Supply Chains solutions helps clients to better align planning, procurement and replenishment processes to actual consumption and demand changes.  Learn more about the supply and demand chain

Some (or all) of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates.