Digital Transformation: Putting the customer first

From healthcare to retail, technology is changing how organizations are providing their services to customers.

Join us to discuss the transformative customer experience.

Michael Beaty

Michael Beaty

Principal, Health & Government Solutions, KPMG LLP

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Video transcript

Joie Chen: 
Hyper-customer centricity. I’m not sure that’s a word, but…. today we're at “eatsa,” which is not just about healthy food, it's also about a new, really transformative experience. These sorts of digital transformations don't just benefit business, they actually reach out to the consumer.


Rick Wright: From our perspective, it all starts with the customer experience. At KPMG we really think about understanding what it is they want, how they want to interact with you, and everything builds from that.


Joie Chen: Technology has changed how major healthcare systems provide their services. In your business, your app, what you're promising people is that they can feel better at the push of a button.


Gaspard De Dreuzy: Historically, healthcare has been very much provider-centric and we're trying to break that and really start with the patient and deliver care where the patient is on his or her terms.


Mike Beaty: The example that Gaspard gives is a perfect example. At KPMG we're helping our clients think through how does an innovation like you've described impact a very long-standing traditional provider-centric business model. I think there's a lot of parallels in other industries like retail.


Olga Vidisheva: When I think about Shoptiques, we work with now over 5,000 boutiques from all over the world. We created an online destination where you can come and shop and have one checkout.

Our number one principle is think like a customer; the customer always comes first.