Digital disruptors drive an 'as-a-service' capability in GBS

A new normal for global business services

Today’s services providers are moving to a higher level of value and performance. They are still looking to meet the traditional shared services and outsourcing objectives of reducing costs and maintaining service quality and control, but now they also need to offer more comprehensive business value. 

Forward-thinkers are responding to the demands of their customers by taking on the attributes of “as-a-service”. These new capabilities can help deliver data-based  insights; connect players in one global network for knowledge sharing and collaboration; improve customer experiences; and allow for “plug and play” adaptability to changing business conditions.

Clinging to antiquated labor-based offshore and legacy technology models creates risk for becoming irrelevant.

Learn in this paper about four digital disruptors that are driving providers to develop "as-a-service" capabilities: robotics, cloud, social and mobile, and data and analytics. The impact of these disruptors is just beginning to be felt and will continue to drive significant change in service delivery over the next several years. 

The new normal of global business services: digital disruptors drive an "as-a-service" capability
These four digital disruptors are driving how organizations are transitioning to an "as-a-service” model: robotics; cloud; social and mobile; and data and analytics.