It's time for CIOs to lead or get out of the way

Six steps CIOs can take to get ahead of digital disruption.

Digital technologies are rapidly changing the way that companies create and deliver value to their customers. Over the past several years, digital disruptors have all but destroyed some businesses and this pace of disruption is accelerating. CIOs are uniquely positioned to play an important role, but time is running out.

This paper explores 6 steps CIOs can take now to get ahead of digital disruption:

  • actively promote development of the digital vision and strategy
  • invest in digital skills & capabilities
  • architect for digital
  • adopt flexible and agile sourcing
  • adapt the culture to embrace collaboration, innovation and speed
  • evolve IT governance for digital.
Digital Business: It's Time for CIOs to Lead or Get Out of the Way
The CIO's leadership role in his or her enterprise's transformation to digital technology.