Design thinking

Fueling innovation by connecting with your customers' real-world needs.

Design thinking is a holistic, collaborative and people-oriented approach to creative problem-solving. The process identifies problems within the larger context of relationships and challenges, and it uses a collaborative approach with people from multidisciplinary backgrounds to create innovative solutions.

How design thinking catalyzes innovation

There's typically a dramatic misalignment between business, design and technology — how they think, how they operate, and how they define and solve problems. They have different perspectives when they come to the table to address a business problem.

Design thinking is a framework, not a process or methodology. It is a toolkit we use to help our client organizations come together to more effectively and efficiently collaborate on solving problems.

We can help get everyone on your project to use a common framework and language by which to talk to each other. This encourages a more fluid exchange of ideas, which results in more creative thinking and more innovative solutions.

Begin by understanding the problem

Design thinking helps businesses focus on what their priorities are and build a solution based on those priorities.

To do this, you must understand your problem — not just what it is, but why it is. We do extensive qualitative work to gain insights into the real issues, beliefs and needs driving behaviors of the people who matter.

Once you understand the true nature of your problem, you can align your goals against creating more meaningful change. When every capability in your organization is aligned and focused on the human aspect of the issue, powerful solutions become possible — solutions that can drive a real business return.

Make adapting and evolving an everyday process

Design thinking is an active process that doesn’t just end when a product or service is live. Since it's based on a human-centered design process, it must evolve as human needs evolve.

Design thinking is accelerated by KPMG CYCLE, a collaboration tool that helps not just in the initial problem-solving, but in the every iteration moving forward. We can help you create an ongoing cycle of fast and effective problem solving so you can meet the constantly evolving needs of a restless market.

It's this kind of constant thinking and action that defines businesses that truly thrive in today’s digital world.

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