KPMG Powered Procurement enabled by Coupa
KPMG Powered Procurement enabled by Coupa

KPMG Powered Procurement enabled by Coupa

Deliver sustainable value through next generation procurement.

Transforming your procurement organization means instilling leading practices and investing in supporting flexible technologies that can be adapted to evolving needs. The resulting organization is equipped to achieve business goals, deploy fit-for-purpose processes, analyze real-time information, and quickly generate ROI.  

KPMG Powered Enterprise | Procurement creates next generation procurement organizations that provide greater insight, control, and flexibility without the burden of a long implementation. Templates and preconfigured software instances are tailored to specific needs and business goals and help our clients to drive sustainable change across the enterprise. This helps organizations quickly transform, realize a rapid ROI, and promptly deliver value to the business.

Working together, KPMG and Coupa help you:

  • Access the latest technology. As a cloud-based solution, Coupa updates are delivered automatically, providing access to new features so your procurement organization is always powered by the latest technology.
  • Extend your business insight. KPMG Powered Procurement draws data from across your business functions and leverages sophisticated analytics to get answers to the questions that matter to you.
  • Become more predictive. Powerful analytics tools enable you to look ahead and understand how costs and spend are trending.
  • Become a business partner to your stakeholders. KPMG Powered Procurement streamlines best practice processes and engages high-speed technology to drive enterprise visibility to transactions and make your procurement organization more collaborative—so you can deliver higher levels of service.
  • Improve supplier relationships. With online and mobile access to systems and an easy-to-use portal, suppliers can quickly get on board. You gain a platform for stronger collaboration and innovation.
  • Benefit from broad scale adoption. A user-centric design and a library of training resources—including videos, manuals, quick reference guides, and classroom curriculum—enables employees to adopt KPMG Powered Procurement solutions quickly. 


Learn more in our brocure below and then contact us to start your procurement transformation with KPMG Powered Enterprise and Coupa.


Delivering sustainable value through next-generation procurement

KPMG Powered Enterprise procurement transformation serivces enabled by Coupa technology

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