Are your contracts stuck in the Stone Age?

Don't let outdated outsourcing contracts or sourcing partners hold you back.

David Brown, Principal and Global Lead of KPMG's Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory, shares his insights at KPMG Anticipate.

Numerous organizations I talk to throughout the world fixate on keeping up with the incredible pace of emerging technologies. Many focus on transforming their legacy systems or trying to create a single solution across functions and geographies. This focus, however, tends to stay within the walls of the organization, often overlooking the impact of legacy outsourcing contracts with technologically inept providers.

It’s common that these contracts were inked prior to the technologies that enable enhanced value opportunities such as cognitive, robotic process automation and advanced analytics. In some cases, the providers can be ill-suited to address the intricacies of new technologies affecting an organization's strategic objectives.

Organizations can easily end up falling short, finding themselves contractually bound to providers that are anchored to legacy systems.
Dave Brown, KPMG

The result? Less than expected productivity gains, scope expansion restrictions, decreased benefits of intelligent automation initiatives and unanticipated risks. Explore more of what Dave Brown has to say at KPMG Anticipate.