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Regulatory change management

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Facing an ever-evolving regulatory landscape with new and changing compliance requirements requires a robust compliance program. Yet, the cost of monitoring and testing programs that is adaptive to regulatory changes continues to challenge organizations.  

A robust regulatory change management program enables an organization to adapt its compliance testing and monitoring capabilities and approach, creating an ability to derive testing programs across multiple business data elements to automate testing; standardize monitoring and testing by evaluating operating and control effectiveness; properly identify and remediate gaps; and accelerate and scale testing through machine learning.  This can significantly reduce the cost of compliance across the three lines of defense while improving efficiencies, enabling sustainability, and increasing agility across your enterprise.

We use digital and intelligent automation capabilities to parse and distill regulatory data down to a granular level of detail, aligning regulatory data to operational processes, controls and testing, in order to determine its impact on an organization’s governance framework, and escalate pertinent information to the organization’s governance team.

We help you address common challenges, such as:

  • Development of testing programs across multiple business data elements to automate testing
  • Standardization of monitoring and testing by evaluating operating and control effectiveness and properly identifying and remediating gaps
  • Acceleration and scaled testing through machine learning

You can benefit from:

  • More enabled ability to address functional and operational gaps
  • Enhanced data management and reporting by deploying customized, advanced analytic capabilities
  • Enhanced ability to develop action plans and testing programs
  • Greater integration of regulatory obligations into testing and monitoring programs
  • Deployed innovative technology to help accelerate and scale tests and results