Competing for growth

Explore eight capabilities of connected enterprises for meeting customer expectations.

Creating a customer-centric, connected enterprise 


At a time when poor customer experience can go viral in minutes, companies live or die by the way they deliver services, respond to issues and manage customer expectations. 

Investing in an integrated architecture of eight fundamental capabilities is helping organizations achieve high performance for customers, employees, partners and shareholders. KPMG calls this capabilities architecture the connected enterprise—a holistic way of positioning your business to compete today and into the future to deliver differentiated customer experiences.

CEOs need to help their organizations break down internal silos so that they can get things done on behalf of the customer and achieve growth.
Julio Hernandez, Global and U.S. Customer Advisory Lead, KPMG

Learn about the eight capabilities of connected enterprises and what steps you need to take toward becoming a more customer-centric organization in our report and companion podcast