Cloud migration

Moving ideas into reality

Are you ready?

The decisions are made, and the cloud migration is a go. What now? For many organizations, this is the largest infrastructure project attempted. 

A cloud factory model is essential to manage the migration throughout and build momentum in cloud adoption as it enables effective and predictable moves to the cloud. This factory model relies on a set of well-defined activities and associated performance measures that provide clear transparency into how migrations are conducted, and whether the expected value is achieved. It also provides a “permit-to-operate” framework for moving key applications, user accounts, and operational capabilities to the cloud with certain levels of performance, reliability, security, and resiliency that can be measured, monitored, and reported.

At KPMG, we have experience in cloud migrations and understand that the key is to take one step at a time, and consistently evaluate and make adjustments that keep everyone moving to the same goals.

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