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Get insight on changing leadership roles and technology issues facing enterprises today in these interviews of CIOs conducted by IDG Enterprise for KPMG.


"You have to always be looking to modernize."

– Chris Anderson, Vice President of Technology Transformation and Sourcing Strategy, AT&T


AT&T's Chris Anderson lays the foundation for the telecom titan's transformation.

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"You can’t drive forward looking in rear-view mirror."

– Tony Thomas, CIO at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. 


With information technology driving unprecedented transformative change in the automobile industry, Tony Thomas has set a lofty goal for his company. 

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"We have to be at least one step ahead of consumer choices as they change."

– Mike Koehler, CIO at Exelon


Mike Koehler weaves the digital fabric for tomorrow’s constantly connected customer.

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"If a new product we’re considering isn’t cloud-enabled we probably won’t buy it."

– Edward Marx, CIO at Cleveland Clinic


In Edward Marx’s view, the future of healthcare and the future of IT are inextricably intertwined.

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"Next-generation applications will have access to near-real-time processing, which opens new business opportunities."

– Gnanavelkandan Kathirvel, Director Member Technical Staff at AT&T


As cloud services continue to evolve, they are moving to the network edge. Gnanavelkandan Kathirvel gives some of his thoughts on the technological and business benefits of edge computing.

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"Our objective is not just to meet the minimum requirements, but to be on the leading edge of information security."

– Jim Nelms, CISO at LabCorp


Safeguarding patient healthcare information is critical. It’s never a question of if an attack will happen, but when. Jim Nelms has some clear ideas about how to approach this challenge.

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"Now more than ever IT needs to be comfortable being uncomfortable."

– Michael S. Carlin, Vice President Business Technology Solutions/Global CIO at AbbVie


Data is driving the modern enterprise, and healthcare is no different—especially as medicine becomes more personalized. Michael Carlin explains how this is changing his company and the world of healthcare.

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"Managing people is the most important aspect of being a CIO."

– Amy Tong, Director and CIO of the California Department of Technology


California recently surpassed the U.K. and now ranks as the fifth largest economy in the world. Managing the people and technology driving that growth is an equally massive challenge. CIO Amy Tong has been leading the charge since June of 2016, and she shares her thoughts on what’s working and where the state is heading.

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"All healthcare leaders need to become technology-based problem solvers."

– Patty Morrison, CIO and EVP Customer Support Services for Cardinal Health


Healthcare is rapidly changing on all fronts—governing policies, evolving workflows, and emerging technologies. Patty Morrison doesn't think healthcare will ever stabilize since there is so much opportunity for disruption.

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"Advancing the inside"

– Cynthia Stoddard, Senior Vice President of IT and CIO at Adobe


The ongoing confluence of emerging next-gen technologies and a younger workforce of digital natives is changing the face of the modern enterprise. Cynthia Stoddard gives us a glimpse at how it’s changing the workplace at Adobe.

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"Digital transformation requires wholesale reinvention."

– Alin D’Silva, Vice President of IT and CTO of Digital Workplace at Verizon


While it may seem more straightforward for technology-oriented companies to continue accelerating their digital transformations, they face the same challenges as any other.

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"Technology gives us the data to identify areas for improvement in patient outcomes."

– Matt Chambers, CIO at Baylor Scott & White Health


Technology plays an increasingly critical role in healthcare, and it’s not just the devices used to deliver care. The technology supporting the sweeping changes in healthcare management is equally dramatic. Matt Chambers, CIO at Baylor Scott & White Health, is at the forefront of that fundamental shift.

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"Push business initiatives, not just IT initiatives."

– Allen Wuescher, VP and CIO of Toshiba International Corporation


To a certain degree, every company is now a technology company. Even the industrial manufacturing division of consumer technology giant Toshiba is viewed through the lens of an expectation of advanced technology, which VP and CIO Allen Wuescher says does affect operations.

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"We think of our service as a dial tone. "

– Peter Horodan, Exec VP of Engineering and CTO of Avalara


Cloud computing allows Avalara, a leading provider of tax compliance automation, to deliver services to customers with nothing to install and nothing to manage. In this interview, Peter Horodan discusses technology advances affecting accounting and finance.

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"Look for the next innovative problem."

– Brad Strock, CIO of PayPal


Few e-commerce companies have seen the ups and downs (and ups) of the Internet as much as PayPal. CIO Brad Strock explained how one of the first big startups is adapting to the mobile age, evolving into the end-all financial platform and working hard to satisfy two distinct customers. 

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"CIOs have been transitioning from a transformational role to that of an innovation leader."

– Sorabh Saxena, Senior VP at AT&T


How do you lead the technological future of AT&T, a company synonymous with telecommunication? Senior Vice President Sorabh Saxena explains how the tech giant decides priorities and explains why it is re-training its employees for tomorrow.

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"Efficiency and optimization are in the past."

– Paul Timmerman, CTO and SVP of Technology for Rolta AdvizeX


Rolta AdvizeX is a global IT solutions provider focused on providing services and technology for applications, data, cybersecurity, cloud and infrastructure. Paul Timmerman gives his take on why the IT role has to evolve now.

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"Carrying the cultural banner."

– Mike Cruz, VP of Engineering of Trunk Club


Trunk Club is one of the few Web 2.0 startups focused on physical goods as old fashioned as clothing. Tech leader Mike Cruz shares how it stays innovative, particularly as it transitions into its acquisition by Nordstrom.

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"Our holy grail is to work through a consumer experience end-to-end."

– Barry Toubin, CIO of Benjamin Moore


Paint isn’t usually associated with cutting-edge technology or security concerns, but Benjamin Moore is taking the digital era seriously. CIO Barry Toubin explains how a smart tech platform can both inspire creation and encourage sales.

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"IoT is here to stay and is coming like an avalanche."

– Bask Iyer, CIO and GM, IoT at VMware


When it comes to the cloud, VMware has been pushing the cutting edge of virtual services, recovery options and hybrid computing. CIO and General Manager of IoT Bask Iyer shared his take on the Internet of Things, balancing the future and the past, and putting the customer first. 

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"It used to take us over a month to get new servers provisioned, but our cloud has dropped that down to minutes now."

– Shawn Edwards, CTO, Bloomberg LP


In this interview, Edwards discusses how today’s disruptive technologies are helping Bloomberg innovate faster, serve customers better, and secure information more effectively. 

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"IT is as much 'the Business' as any other business unit in the company."

– Albert Ma, CIO and Vice President at Toyota Financial Services


Financial technology, along with healthcare tech, is one of the fastest growing sectors as regulatory and privacy needs are finally being met. Toyota Financial Services CIO and Vice President Albert Ma shares his insights into how technology is changing the very traditional world of financial services.

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"We have very few initiatives that are solely IT driven."

– Mark Veronda, CIO of Global Solutions Group, Hitachi Solutions


Few tech-driven enterprises are as diverse or as historic as Hitachi and its subsidiary, Hitachi Solutions. Mark Veronda gives his take on how a truly global company balances rapid growth, business transformation, security, risk management, and technology alignment.

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"Mobile is vital to our future."

– Rick Hanzelin, Vice President of IT Infrastructure and Web Center at Peapod


Grocery delivery service Peapod is one of the few survivors from Web 1.0 and now faces competition from a whole new generation of on-demand companies. Tech leader Rick Hanzelin explains how his company is using technology to thrive.

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"Understand what you’re trying to accomplish."

– Michael Ludwig, CTO and Chief Product Architect of Blazent


Blazent Inc. is a provider of real-time big data services. In this interview, Michael Ludwig shares keys to success in big data, talent strategy, and what it is like to be part of a four-person "office of the CTO."

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"Disrupt your business before it gets disrupted."

– Clark Golestani, EVP & CIO of Merck


Pharmaceutical company Merck has to protect both its proprietary information and its patients' privacy. In this interview, EVP and CIO Clark Golestani tells about his triangle of focus: operations, strategy, and opportunity.

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"It’s all about modernizing our commerce capabilities."

– Sue Liddie, Group VP and CIO of Avon


Avon may not be a big name in the tech community, but the entrepreneur-friendly beauty company has been pushing the B2C envelope for years. Sue Liddie breaks down how tech is enabling Avon’s pink sales force.

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"Patient-centricity shapes our priorities."

– Eric Foster, Senior Vice President and CIO of Baxalta 


Eric Foster is leading the tech charge at the biopharmaceutical company Baxalta. He shares in this interview how technology is rapidly evolving within his industry and the opportunity it provides to re-shape healthcare.

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"We're trying to create one pool of data."

– Dr. Adam Buckley, CIO of the University of Vermont Health Network


The University of Vermont Health Network is a four-hospital system serving Vermont and northern New York. In this interview CIO Dr. Adam Buckley explains how his organization is leveraging tech to save lives.

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"If I'm at my desk, we're losing."

– Brian Rich, Vice President and CIO of CMS Energy


CMS Energy supplies most of Michigan’s power. In this interview VP and CIO Brian Rich shares his approach to leading the tech charge, including how he's cultivating his workforce's ownership in the IT organization.

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