The business case for global business services

Discover how to address complex global environments through hybrid models that leverage multiple service delivery approaches.

How can organizations write a solid business case to support decisions around service delivery options? Service delivery models are not simply choices between one approach and another. Complex global environments are most often addressed through hybrid models that leverage multiple service delivery approaches.

Opportunities exist to transform business services in a way that truly advances the enterprise strategy, that is, much more than just providing back-office services.

Just as Global Business Services (GBS) is more complex than traditional outsourcing of back-office services, we believe the business case supporting these service delivery model options must also support the same level of complexity, while helping to ensure accuracy and output to help strengthen decision-making at executive levels.

It is imperative to capture and report the potential value of a complex change journey accurately and with confidence. Only a mature business case can do that.

Mature business cases are necessary to support the multifaceted characteristics of GBS. As the business case is the tie that binds, as such it should be integrated across and capture and reflect all the service delivery model and process improvement options. Further, it must be flexible to dynamic business needs and priorities. 

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