Automotive interior trim suppliers: Heightened concern

With record levels of automotive volumes, you hear a lot of general statements such as: “If you aren’t making money now you never will” or “The supply base is very healthy and everyone is profitable.” However, are such statements really true?

The facts would suggest NOT as there are suppliers and entire sectors within automotive that are still fighting to survive.

The interior sector is one sector that exemplifies this. If you are looking at the broader overall interior supply base, you may miss the fact that the interior trim segment has and continues to experience significant changes and challenges.  In fact, since 2000, nine of the ten major interior trim suppliers have either exited the industry or dissolved.

  • What factors are and have been driving the challenges of interior trim manufacturers?
  • How has the landscape changed over time?
  • Why are certain participants investing in the space?
  • What can original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers within the interior trim segment do to minimize risk and maximize future value?

Dive in to learn more on these questions and strategies for dealing with the financial and industry challenges facing the interior trim segment.