Architecting the resilient enterprise

Are you ready for failure? Explore in this paper KPMG's actionable framework for moving towards technology resilience.

The need for the technology resilient enterprise is all around us. The current outlook for organizations is only becoming more challenging as a result of a number of trends, including:

  • increasing complexity of systems
  • growing frequency and variety of cyber attacks
  • regulatory reform
  • rising expectations of customers
  • stress on legacy platforms to deliver new products and channels
  • ongoing drive to cut operational costs and maintain services
  • increasing number and intensity of climatic and geophysical disasters.

KPMG believes that resilience is best attained not by after-the-fact “bolt-on” solutions but by fostering a culture that enables resilience to be built into systems from the beginning. This paper offers an actionable framework for understanding how organizations can move towards technology resilience.