ALM Intelligence: KPMG is a global leader in employee experience consulting

KPMG's employee experience consulting capabilities were judged to be human-centered and evidence-based.

KPMG has been recognized as a global leader in the area of employee experience consulting, according to an August 2017 report from ALM Intelligence. The recognition underscores KPMG’s leadership position in human capital management and HR transformation.

"Leaders" are at the top of the market in their capabilities to create client impact through their depth of expertise and ability to deploy it across a range of engagement models. KPMG was noted for the most human-centered and empathetic approach among its peers and for an evidence-based consulting approach that combines advanced analytics and behavioral science tools and techniques.

Liz DeVito, Associate Director and Lead for HR Consulting Research with ALM Intelligence said “KPMG provides a full range of services across the employee experience consulting value chain, standing out for the most human-centered and empathetic approach among its peers. The firm’s evidence-based consulting approach combines a mix of advanced analytics and behavioral science tools and techniques to help clients understand how the experience modulates across the employee lifecycle over time.”

KPMG's holistic approach based on design-thinking and people-centered design looks at the employee experience from both the organization and individual perspective. Our end-to-end approach uses industry-leading technology to map the behaviors and motivations of high-performing talent. Armed with this insight, we partner with clients to shape a customized plan to sustain a differentiated employee experience.

Highlights from the ALM Intelligence report

  • KPMG integrates an exceptionally strong change management capability into employee experience consulting, supported by a robust library of tools and methodologies for cultural and behavior analysis.
  • KPMG expertly uses workshops, interviews, and Ignition centers to research and solve the very real human problems behind the employee experience in collaboration with clients.
  • KPMG also earned the prestigious “legend” rating from ALM for its internal client insight and client capability development, as well as for the depth and client impact of its work in employee experience consulting.