Next generation contact centers
Next generation contact centers

Next generation contact centers

How to build a competitive customer service model in the age of social media

Contact centers now play a major role in the trajectory of a business, including the ability to retain top talent and align with internal and external compliance requirements while providing enhanced value to their customers.

Social media has been the single most important catalyst in prompting the focus on customer service.

A new era has emerged and brings with it a population that prioritizes the speed of information over the human experience. 

That shift has caused businesses to rethink the delivery of the customer experience far beyond the traditional contact center analyst who answers the phone or supports the customer through an online chat session.

This article explores:

  • what has changed and why it matters
  • finding the right solution
  • characteristics of well-managed contacts centers
  • measuring and tracking what matters
  • what is trending
  • the most common and evolving contact center capabilities.
Next-Generation Contact Centers
Building a competitive customer service model in the age of social media.