KPMG Global Insights Pulse surveys

Explore KPMG's research on trends in the use and delivery of global business services, shared services and outsourcing.

Since 2004, KPMG has conducted quarterly, forward-looking global insights Pulse surveys that identify and interpret key business and market trends, and how enterprises are addressing them.

Focus areas include:

  • The impact of intelligent automation technologies on core business functions
  • Top business challenges and opportunities, and how organizations are responding to them
  • The evolution of shared services and outsourcing
  • Top approaches to improving global business services (GBS) delivery capabilities, and the future of the GBS organization
  • Governance, risk, and compliance challenges
  • Ways to successfully manage service delivery portfolios
  • Talent-oriented challenges created and addressed by increased use of automation
  • The redesign, overhaul, and evolution of business and target operating models in functional areas
  • Leading practices in exploiting portfolios of emerging technologies.


KPMG also conducts annual Pulse surveys that address:

  • Top global business and economic market trends and predictions for the coming year
  • The state of real estate and facilities management (REFM) service delivery models and outsourcing usage
  • Sourcing market trends in various geographies including the Nordics, the Americas, and Asia Pacific.
To succeed, you have to holistically address all aspects of a major transformation initiative — not only the technology, but also your people, processes, target operating model, change management, and governance.

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