KPMG global insights pulse surveys

Access our latest reports and learn about KPMG's research program tracking trends in the use and delivery of global business services, shared services and outsourcing.

KPMG's global insight pulse surveys, conducted since 2004, are forward looking and focus on identifying and interpreting key market conditions, characteristics and best practices in end-user organizations' usage of shared services, outsourcing and third-party business and IT services across many business functional areas. Focus areas include:

  • drivers and goals sought in the use of third-party services
  • types of change efforts undertaken to improve global service delivery capabilities and key success factors
  • user demand and buying patterns
  • vertical and functional demand trends
  • global sourcing trends and locations
  • deal terms and conditions
  • shared services and outsourcing governance and management
  • enterprise software systems deployment and management
  • cloud computing and automation initiatives
  • sales cycles and deal scope for third-party services
  • pricing and profitability
  • special topics by survey and market conditions, including deep dives into specific functional and regional global business services trends.

Depending on the focus of a particular pulse survey, we invite one or more of the following groups to participate:

  • KPMG senior professionals in the field working with buyers that are actively managing global business services initiatives involving shared services operations or with third-party business and IT service providers and outsourcers as well as in other areas such as cloud computing
  • executives at leading global business, IT and cloud service providers
  • partners and other senior members of law firms that advise buyers on their global business services efforts.
KPMG global insights pulse surveys explore market trends and individual observations from the "front lines" of outsourcing, shared services and global business services.

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