Governance in global business services

As an organization moves up the GBS maturity curve, governance becomes a critical component of success.

The value of global business services (GBS) is in the integration between and across different channels, functions and processes. That's why GBS requires a different level of governance and a different governance operating model to ensure that business value is delivered seamlessly. 

Critial question to consider when establishing a governance program for global business services:

  • How do you orient your organization to focus on robust, scalable services and processes?
  • Can you leverage existing good practices?
  • What is the right governance model? 
  • How does GBS governance related to corporate governance?
  • How do you integrate the governance of third parties and shared services functions with enterprise service governance in a GBS environment? 

Enterprise service governance can help GBS leaders engages across stakeholders and delivery channels to manage risk and drive intended outcomes. It focuses on how decisions are made and enforced in a dynamic business environment.

Learn in this paper about the quantifiable business benefits of governance in global business services and what good governance looks like, based on KPMG GBS maturity research.

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