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We recently polled organizations across the U.S. and discovered...


will change their business models over the next three years, due to digital advancements and a focus on customer connection.


have already invested in cloud technologies, and almost half of them have adopted it on a wide scale.


believe that at least 10 percent of their company's workforce may be replaced with AI/intelligent automation over the next five years.


are planning to increase their technology budgets over the next year.


Why are organizations investing massive amounts in future forward technology? 

In this age of the customer, the explosive growth of cloud computing, the advent of business-managed technological spend and incredible leaps in data analytics and automation, have all served to change the landscape of where technology resides and who has access and influence over it. And in this new environment successful enterprises are realizing they need a different perspective on what technology means to them. Where technology once resided in IT departments, today forward-thinking organizations are harnessing the benefits of technology in their finance, sales, marketing, procurement, and HR and staffing departments, enabling them to find new ways to collaborate and deliver business value.

Implementing technological tools are at the forefront of organizations' minds. And it shows.


KPMG launched a report recently based on survey results from over 3,600 respondents from organizations around the world and discovered that...


have experienced a cyber attack in the past two years.


feel not or only slightly effective at maximizing value from data.


feel they can do more to build trust with their customers.


believe that harnessing big data/analytics is their organization's most scarce skill.


Changes are coming to business.

Is your organization prepared to face them head on?


The future is here. And KPMG can help you embrace it. 

By integrating our Future Of toolkit into your organization's business plan, we can work together to develop agile, technology-driven strategies and processes, so that your organization is ready to react when these shifts occur.


We can help you...


By implementing our Powered Enterprise, we can help you reduce the time and risk associated with back office transformation

KPMG Powered Enterprise is a cloud based solution that can be tailored to fit your organization's unique business objectives. With capabilities to aid your finance, procurement, and human resources & staffing needs, our Powered Enterprise is the battery that can help you charge business performance and efficiency at a quicker pace.

Praise for Powered Enterprise:

“KPMG's Powered Enterprise delivery model stands out for its ability to mobilize local, regional and global resources around the HR transformation journey by clearly translating strategies into tangible actions that an be managed at all levels.”  --Vanguard HR Operations Consulting, 2018, ALM Intelligence

"[KPMG's] Powered Procurement solution is well received by clients seeking rapid transformation, as the solution streamlines traditional transformation to a five-step methodology." --Vanguard rocurement Operations Consulting, 2018, ALM Intelligence

"Clients cite for its standout ability to rapidly improve support  function operational efficiency and agility while simultaneously driving innovation throughout their organization.” --Vanguard Corporate Services Consulting, 2018, ALM Intelligence


Discover more how Powered can energize your company's back office functions.

KPMG was a perfect fit for us, bringing the tools and experience necessary for us to make a complete and smooth transition to the cloud.
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