Cyber security: it's not just about technology
Cyber security: it's not just about technology

Cyber security: it's not just about technology

The five most common mistakes

Cyber security is an important concern for every organization. Daily occurrences demonstrate the risk posed by cyber attackers—from individual, opportunistic hackers, to professional and organized groups of cyber criminals with strategies for systematically stealing intellectual property and disrupting business.

The management of any organization faces the task of ensuring that its organization understands the risks and sets the right priorities. This is no easy task in light of the technical jargon involved and the pace of change.

Focusing on technology alone to address these issues is not enough. Effectively managing cyber risk means putting in place the right governance and the right supporting processes, along with the right enabling technology.

This complexity, however, cannot be an excuse for company management to divest responsibility to technical “experts.” It is essential that leaders take control of allocating resources to deal with cyber security, actively manage governance and decision making over cyber security, and build an informed and knowledgeable organizational culture.

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Cyber security: it’s not just about technology


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